New album by Get The Blessing may be best yet…


My short review of OCDC published online in One Hundred Words Magazine:-

Bristol-based jazz-rockers Get The Blessing are back with an addictively rousing album, OCDC. It’s perhaps their best yet.

The front line are Pete Judge (trumpet and flugelhorn) and Jake McMurchie (saxes) playing music which is part-inspired by Ornette Coleman but with a contemporary rock feel. Together they weave long melodic lines and then break out into wildly inventive solos. They are supported by the powerhouse rhythm section of Jim Barr – with his catchy, driving bass riffs, and Clive Deamer – with forceful, precise and elegant drumming.

This is feisty, exhilarating music that will have you hooked from the
very first track.

Dave Gelly has a nice short review here:-

This band’s music has a unique identity that will beguile you if you let it.

One of the great things about this band’s music is that it’s so hard to pin down. John Fordham in the Guardian:-

OC DC spans sinister, Morricone-like atmospherics, the Miles Davis of Sketches of Spain, a Joe Meek 1960s rock sound, Ornette-sax soulful.

The band’s saxophonist, Jake McMurchie interviewed in thejazzbreakfast:-

Our influences are almost too diverse to name, and they’re probably only relevant when talking about the composition process itself. In which case you could cite Frank Zappa, Ethiopiques, Mark Ribot, Tom Waits, Robert Wyatt, Kraftwerk, Radiohead as major reference points. But stories, books and films are just as important. We often use visual references when trying to guide each other to a desired end. It’s important that music evokes a mood, draws you in emotionally, tells a story.

But as to Ornette, he (and Don Cherry and the other regular members of his bands) has been a constant reference point. There’s something about the visceral nature of his sound that is always disarming.

I love this video of the opening track on the CD:-


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