Mark Cousins’ “The Story of Film”


This week’s TimeOut (12-18 April) gives an ecstatic review of the Mark Cousins’ monumental and quite wonderful film/TV series, The Story of Film, which is about to be released on DVD. Tom Huddleston writes:-

The indisputable cinematic high point of last year didn’t happen anywhere near a cinema – it took place on TV, quietly, late at night… [The Story of Film] isn’t just the finest series ever made on the topic of cinema, but perhaps the best British documentary series since ‘The World At War’, a truly eye-opening, informative, impassioned personal odyssey which is itself a fine work of art.

Every human being on earth with even a passing interest in how cinema came into being – and how it developed into the world’s most popular art form – needs to see this.

As Mark Kermode tweeted:-

@markcousinsfilm’s excellent Story of Film [is] out on DVD on April 23rd – a must for lovers of movie knowledge and strange poetry everywhere

I can’t wait for my copy to arrive!

In the meantime, here’s Mark Cousins being interviewed about The Story of Film by Dave Calhoun. As Cousins says:-

If I ask myself what was my motivation, yes it was to defend cinema in a certain way. But, …my main reason for making “The Story of Film” is because I find film beautiful I want to describe it. More than trying to redress an imbalance, it was the desire to describe something beautiful which is the history of the movies.’

In my humble opinion, he succeeded beyond any film lover’s wildest dreams.


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