trioVD – Maze


In describing trioVD’s latest album, Maze, it’s difficult to be sufficiently outrageous to match the thrilling, explosive shock of the music. Robert Shore’s short description in Metro gives it a go:-

…listening to their second album, Maze (Naim Edge), it’s hard to imagine how anyone could resist the Leeds group’s battering-ram charms. It takes guile and wit, as well as aggression, to whip up the kind of intensity that guitarist Chris Sharkey, saxophonist Christophe de Bézenac and drummer Chris Bussey sustain from the glam stomp opener Brick to the menacing, faux dancefloor-filling closer Pet Shop Boys. It’s John Coltrane-meets-wrecking ball and could well be the jazz-metal album of the year.

Or John Fordham writing in The Guardian:-

This successor to caustic Leeds improv group trioVD’s 2009 album Fill It Up with Ghosts retains their frantic hit-and-run staccato structures, farmyard squealings, howling distortion, and pithily short track-lengths. But, deploying a lot more hardware, they’ve made the textures thicker, the extremes scarier, and the soundscape more diverse… This fearlessly independent band reaches audiences that purer jazz distillations rarely do.

It’s music that defies simple genre labelling. Anthony Weightman in Access All Area Music suggests:-

They merge jazz, rock, dance and metal together with sounds that are unusual and avant-garde.

One of the best album reviews is by Sid Smith, who writes in BBC Music:-

With its hurtling, remorselessly breakneck pace this isn’t an album you listen to as such; rather, you grapple with it.

Fashioned from the mangled debris from a high-speed and head-on collision between rock and jazz, Maze is ingeniously fashioned. It’s an exotic hybrid vehicle fearlessly veering into strange and unfamiliar neighbourhoods at a velocity that’s not for the faint-hearted…

One of the most inventive and transgressive albums you’ll encounter this year.

Try this on for size…

Here’s the band’s website.


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