Troyka – Moxxy


Troyka – a fresh sounding, exciting trio comprising the excellent Kit Downes (keyboards), Chris Montague (guitars), and Joshua Blackmore (drums) – are back with a great second album.

The LondonJazz site capture the spirit of the album well in their review:-

Troyka [describe] their music as ‘a visceral mash-up of rock, jazz and dance music [from] a post-hip-hop world where you can take whatever source materials you like and do your own singular thing with it’.

This, the band’s follow-up album, sticks to this (winning) formula: held together by the most imaginative and adventurous producer of keyboard sounds and textures since Django Bates, Troyka move easily and uncontrivedly between full-on howling rock, rumbling grunge and more contemplative moments, embellished by the consistently compelling guitar and electronic sounds of Montague and driven by the rackety but whip-smart drumming of Blackmore.

Martin Longley, in his BBC Music review, puts it quite nicely when he says:-

This is a unique trio that rises to the top of the UK scene. They exhibit a jazz sensibility that involves deep improvisation and complex composition, all imbued with a savage attack and impressively substantial mood-sculpting.

But the last word has to go to John Fordham in his Guardian review:-

The contemporary-fusion electronica trio Troyka preserve the raw attack and dance beats of much earlier forms of fusion and jazz-rock. Then they join these characteristics with the asymmetrical cross-rhythms and double-taking hooks of a New York downtown band, adding rock guitars and spooky bleeps and squelches. Moxxy advances on the group’s eponymously titled 2009 debut, the music sounding both deep-rooted and as modern as the moment – spikily abstract at times, gracefully lyrical or traditionally rock-bluesy at others.

[Moxxy is] full of fascinating melodic changes and is a very big soundscape for just three musicians to create.

You can hear the album on the band’s soundcloud site.

You can catch them live at the Herts Jazz Festival in September. The festival also features a whole host of other top British jazz musicians.


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