A fleeting glance at Take Care of your Scarf, Tatjana…

Take Care of your Scarf Tatjana

One of my favourite films by Finnish director Aki Kaurismaki, and a brilliant example of how less is more.

This is a black and white, ultra deadpan, minimalist comedy which, below its surface, has an abundance of heart.

Lana Wilson in Senses of Cinema:-

A’60s road comedy about two middle-aged men in a vintage Cadillac (complete with built-in record player) who pick up two women – an Estonian and a Russian – and give them a ride to the Tallinn ferry. The film encapsulates Kaurismäki’s attitudes towards three countries with historically strong presences in Finland: consciousness of Russia’s enormous influence, idealization of Estonia as place to escape into paradise and love of American popular culture.

Geoff Andrew in Time Out:-

A gem from the variable Kaurismäki, his beautifully economic anti-romantic road comedy is both hilarious and strangely touching…Marvellously observed and understated, the film exudes a delicious sense of the absurd. This is deadpan as good as it gets.

Well worth checking out.


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