Girl on Girl: Reel Women, Taking Over The Cambridge Film Scene

This gives an excellent overview of the work done by local co-operative Reel Women. They represent what is so inspirational about a quiet revolution taking place in cinema exhibition: where people passionate about a greater diversity in film are coming together and introducing audiences to a rich and rewarding culture that can be so easily drowned out by the oppressive uniformity and over-simplicity of much in the mainstream sector. Their aim is not to sell you something, but to share and enthuse.

The dominance of the white, male, middle-class voice in cinema and elsewhere impoverishes us all, not least the white, male, middle-class audience. Mark Cousins calls cinema the ’empathy machine’. Just as women want to have their voices heard, to see their stories represented on the big screen, we men also want to hear those voices, to be enriched by a multiplicity of perspectives.

It’s been such a great pleasure to collaborate with the wonderful Reel Women on the Mania Akbari season mentioned in this article. If you are able to come to Cambridge on the 25-27 April, why not support their excellent work, and see some fantastic cinema at the same time!


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